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L FINE 4D16, 16 Lines 360 Laser level

L FINE 4D16, 16 Lines 360 Laser level

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Your Precision Partner for Laser-Leveling

Elevate your precision and accuracy with the L FINE 4D16, the 16 Lines 360 Laser Level. This sophisticated green laser level is designed to cater to the most demanding tasks, offering a suite of features that make it a must-have for professionals in various fields.

Key Features:

360° Precision Laser Projection: The L FINE 4D16 boasts an impressive 360° projection, emitting 16 powerful green laser lines. These lasers are meticulously calibrated to provide unparalleled precision in your work.

Dual Plane Functionality: With four independent planes, you have the flexibility to tackle any project with ease.

Comprehensive Accessories: The package includes everything you need to get started right away. With an external battery, remote control, charging cable, lift, wall holder and other accessories, you're equipped for success.

Customizable Brightness: Tailor the brightness of your laser lines to the specific lighting conditions of your workspace. You have full control, ensuring optimal visibility.

Laser Compensation for Precision: Maintain exceptional accuracy with a built-in laser compensation system. If the laser exceeds 3 degrees from the desired angle, the L FINE 4D16 will notify you with a helpful beep.

Indoor Versatility: With an indoor range of up to 30 meters, this laser level is your go-to tool for a wide range of indoor projects, from construction to interior design.

Secure Lock Mechanism: No need to worry about accidental adjustments while you're on the move. The L FINE 4D16 features a robust locking mechanism to keep your settings secure.

Tripod Compatibility: Easily mount the L FINE 4D16 on a tripod thanks to the 1/4 screw hole, adding another layer of convenience to your work.

Upgrade your precision and efficiency with the L FINE 4D16, and experience the difference that cutting-edge laser leveling technology can make in your projects. Elevate your work to a new standard of excellence and make the L FINE 4D16 your trusted companion for all your professional needs.

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