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HUEPAR Receiver for Laser Level

HUEPAR Receiver for Laser Level

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Huepar upgraded version LR-8RG receiver can ONLY be used with Huepar Line Laser Levels that feature Pulse Mode Function.

Please pay attention that this receiver can NOT be used with Rotary Laser Level. And the receiver can NOT be used with Huepar9011G & 9211G laser level.

It is recommended to use with Huepar 902CG / 901CG / 8211G / BOX1G / R / GF360G / R / HM03CG / S03CG / S04CG / S03DG / LS04CG / LS03CG / LS41G / 621C / R / 603CG / R / B series and P series Laser Level.

Use with the pulse mode of a laser level

When using, the pulse mode of the laser level must be turned on. The receiver allows detection of red and green pulsed laser beams in difficult light conditions at distances of up to 200 feet (60 meters).

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