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HiLDA 3D12 Laser level

HiLDA 3D12 Laser level

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HiLDA's latest and most powerful 3-plane product:

Automatic level setting.

The level has a very powerful, green laser beam that will be visible even in bright rooms or outdoors. Working distance up to 25 meters.

Laser lines are drawn both horizontally and vertically.

Two 360-degree lines are drawn horizontally, and two 360-degree lines are also drawn vertically.

All lines can be turned on or off one by one using the buttons on the laser or the remote control.


Planes: 2 (2x Vertical and 1x Horizontal)
Accuracy: +2.5mm/10m
Dimensions: ~ 125 x 140 x 85 mm
Lines: 12

The set includes:

*Laser level
*Lithium battery
*220v charger
*Green glasses
*Protective transport bag

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