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HILDA 2D Lines Laser Level

HILDA 2D Lines Laser Level

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  • 🖐️ Easy to Handle: The ergonomic design allows for effortless single-handed operation. It's suitable for furniture assembly, construction, decoration, and various other tasks.

    📐 High Precision: The cross-line laser boasts an impressive ±2.5mm/5m precision and a practical working range of up to 7.5 meters, making it both convenient and accurate.

    🪚 Versatile Applications: It's perfect for mounting shelves, pictures, mirrors, curtain rods, cabinets, wallpapers, floors, and wall tiles, ensuring precise and standardized positions.

    📏 Automatic Leveling: When the angle is ≤4 degrees, the device automatically levels the line. If the angle exceeds 4 degrees, it will continuously flash to indicate the need for more precise leveling.

    🔩 1/4-Inch Mounting: The level's housing features a 1/4-inch internal thread, allowing you to use it with various mounting devices and accessories, such as a tripod, ensuring stability and reliability.

    This is an excellent tool that will simplify your tasks and guarantee precision in your projects!

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